2017-18 Printable Voting Ballots
2018 Orca Ballot Upper Elementary
2018 Orca Ballot Middle School 
2018 Orca Ballot High School

2017-18 Voting Slips and Signs
2017-18 Voting Ballots (all grades)
2017-18 Voting Signs (all grades)

2017-18 Bookmarks
2017-18 ORCA Elementary Bookmarks
2017-18 ORCA Middle School Bookmarks
2017-18 ORCA High School Bookmarks

Promotional Materials
ORCA_logo_4C_lg.jpg        ORCA_logo_grey_lg.jpg

The ORCA Logo may be used for promotional purposes.
Please make every effort to preserve the logo’s original aspect ratio.

Oregon Library Association Conference Presentations
OLA 2017 conference ORCA
OLA 2016 conference ORCA
OLA 2015 Conference ORCA

2017-18 ORCA Elementary Prezi
2017-18 ORCA Middle School Prezi
2017-18 ORCA High School Prezi

Google Slide Presentations
2017-18 Upper Elementary
2017-18 Middle School
2017-18 High School

Booktalks of all nominees in all divisions are available in a Word document and a PDF.

ORCA brochure 2018: book jackets and descriptions of all nominees (editable, Microsoft Publisher format)

ORCA Home Page QR Code


ORCA Spine Labels
ORCA Spine Labels (Word File)  /  ORCA Spine Labels (PDF File)
(Formatted for Avery 5160 Labels)



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