Promotional Ideas

Here are some ideas that people have suggested for promoting the ORCA. If you have other ideas, please add them in the comments below.

Some people set up an ORCA Challenge at their school, where kids are encouraged to read all 8 books in one of the divisions. Kids who successfully do that are the invited to some kind of celebration party. Some of the parties are a simply gathering with food (like cake or cookies), or sometimes people have taken the kids on a field trip (like Powell’s bookstore).

Some people encourage kids to design their own bookmarks of their favorite ORCA books. Sometimes it’s just a blank bookmark, but other times people then make color copies, or scan them and then print them on color printers.

ORCA Clubs
Some people create ORCA Clubs, that can meet during lunch or after/before school where students can gather to either just have time to read books or to discuss the books that they are reading. The Clubs can also gather in January/February to nominate books for the next year’s ORCA.


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